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In any given episode, we might solve a mystery…or rewrite history! Every day we’re out here making mix tapes. Each episode has an original song by a musical guest to help bring the story to life (and make a few unsung heroes, well, sung).  Check out the fantastic artists we’ve brought on!


Mayhayley’s Grave, southern gothic swing sensations from Carrolton, GA. They wrote “Wake Me Up When Kirby Dies” for Kathryn Evans in episode one. Check out their facebook page !   We sort of consider them “the house band” around here; they’ll be back on more episodes.

Mary Crowell photo by Patricia L. Blood

Mary Crowell  is also known as “the Mad Doctor of Alabama” (or at least that’s what I call her sometimes!) She’s got several great records, and a highly-recommended patreon!   I figure it’s appropriate to have a doctor sing a song for the Doctors Mob in episode 2.

Stream it at her patreon page!




Photo by Lis Eysink

James Mahaffey plays with a really cool band called The Scrap Merchants , with a weather-beaten sound that made him a natural for a song about a man murdered by a famous outlaw for episode 3.  Check out his bandcamp.


Silas Reed, of Oxford, Mississippi, showed up to play songs on the piano at a songwriter night in Chicago, and was among the first people I asked to contribute a song. He recorded “1845 Riot” (and did the voice of Frederick Douglass) on episode four.



THE CHUZZLEWITS hail from the Todgers section of London, where they dropped out of university before completing their degrees in American literature. They are available for weddings, birthday parties, and corporate team-building events.

Dick Van Damen, who wrote “I Guess My Name is Button Now,” does not approve of photos or the internet, thank you very much.


FRECKLEBOMB records haunting harmonies, including “Elizabeth’s Waltz” for the Elizabeth Keckley episode – get it on their bandcamp page soon!






Want to do a song for Cemetery Mixtape? Email your band info to! Some bands are assigned a topic or pick from a list of upcoming episodes, but we’ve also taken suggestions from musicians.