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The Man Who Shot Andrew Jackson

iTunes Spotify In 1806, Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickinson fought a duel near the KY-TN border. Dickinson was killed, but the story goes that Jackson took a bullet to the chest and carried it around for the rest of his life. But did he really? A look at primary sources suggests that it may have just been one of those “tough guy” stories people liked to tell about Jackson. Dickinson’s grave space was lost for nearly a century before it was located on former farmland in 2010; what remained of him (a single finger bone) was reburied at Nashville’s City…

Season 2 Coming Soon!

A new season of Cemetery Mixtape is now being recorded for Winter 2019-2020! It was held up because Adam was asked to work on a new “Who’s Who” book for Graceland Cemetery, and the massive amount of research made it hard to work on any other projects. But some incredible stories have been found, some unmarked graves are now being marked, and, though we may not do songs for every episode this year, some new songs have been written, with titles like “Honor (Wrestling Entrance Theme),” and “Thanks For the Freedom, Ya Filthy Animal.” Keep watching!

Bring me the Head of George Frederick Cooke

By some accounts, George Frederick Cooke was the greatest tragedian actor of the late 18th and early 19th century; his portrayal of Shakespeare’s Richard III was second to none. Whether he was Scottish, Irish or British was debated in his time; his epitaph reads “Three kingdoms claim his birth / both hemispheres proclaim his worth.” But all who knew him had a few things to say that weren’t quite so complimentary – his biographer, William Dunlap wrote in his diary that Cooke was “a¬†coward, a braggart, a hypocrite, a backbiter, fearing death… yet rushing on to meet him with the…

Coming Soon!

A new podcast from Adam Selzer of Mysterious Chicago, digging up tales behind graves he’s researched all over the United States, including: A detective murdered by Jesse James. The woman who had the first line onstage the night Lincoln was shot. A doctor who was once protected from an anti-grave robbing mob by Alexander Hamilton (or was he?). A flapper who set Chicago on fire before becoming a mystery novelist. At least one president. The man who killed Andrew Jackson (in a way) A deadball era Hall of Fame baseball player. The soldier who’d LOVE being erroneously credited with inventing…