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Month: December 2019

Son of a Dickens

Today we travel to Moline, IL’s Riverside Cemetery to find the unlikely burial place of Francis Jeffrey Dickens, third son of Charles Dickens – and check out some other Dickens family graves (all of which are more about Charles than the person buried there). Perhaps the most famous thing about Francis is that he once asked for 15 pounds, a horse and a rifle to set up as a gentleman farmer overseas. Charles wrote back that he’d be robbed of the money, he’d be thrown off the horse, and that he’d shoot his head off. We read the letter in…

The Man Who Shot Andrew Jackson

iTunes Spotify In 1806, Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickinson fought a duel near the KY-TN border. Dickinson was killed, but the story goes that Jackson took a bullet to the chest and carried it around for the rest of his life. But did he really? A look at primary sources suggests that it may have just been one of those “tough guy” stories people liked to tell about Jackson. Dickinson’s grave space was lost for nearly a century before it was located on former farmland in 2010; what remained of him (a single finger bone) was reburied at Nashville’s City…

Season 2 Coming Soon!

A new season of Cemetery Mixtape is now being recorded for Winter 2019-2020! It was held up because Adam was asked to work on a new “Who’s Who” book for Graceland Cemetery, and the massive amount of research made it hard to work on any other projects. But some incredible stories have been found, some unmarked graves are now being marked, and, though we may not do songs for every episode this year, some new songs have been written, with titles like “Honor (Wrestling Entrance Theme),” and “Thanks For the Freedom, Ya Filthy Animal.” Keep watching!